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Batch Organics Review #FreezerFresh

Batch Organics Review #FreezerFresh

Vicky Coates

I was kindly sent an email by Batch Organics to ask whether I would be interested in trying out a range of their new smoothie and breakfast bowls to review. After reading about their products and them being 100% organic, gluten free and plant-based which were simply ready to mix with milk and off you go, I was more than keen.

Batch Organics is starting a new movement in the ‘coolest’ freezers across the UK with their #FreezerFresh campaign. They deliver flash, frozen, organic ingredients right to your doorstep on both a subscription and one-off basis. You can choose between a selection of smoothies and breakfast bowls which are sent in individual wax paper cups for you to drink and eat on the move. All you need is a freezer and blender (for smoothies).

I tried the Acai and Kale smoothie first (pictured above and left). Nutrient packed Ingredients included banana, kale, blueberries, cherries, raspberries and acai berry. I simply added the Batch Organics Tiger Nut Mylk into the cup, placed in a blender and then poured back into the tub. 

I like to add protein to my smoothies normally and therefore I also added a scoop of acai whey protein to the blender. As you can see from the picture above the smoothie was so thick and creamy. I genuinely can say I’ve never had a more tasty and yet filling smoothie! I had mine as a post workout smoothie but these smoothies would certainly be filling enough for breakfast.

After trying the smoothie I couldn’t wait to try the breakfast bowls. As a lover of chocolate I went straight for the cacao and hazelnut breakfast bowl (pictured left). The ingredients for the bowl included gluten-free oats, banana, apple, toasted hazelnuts, cacao powder, pomegranate seeds, coconut sugar, cinnamon. With a list like that whats not too love?!

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Like the smoothie you simply take it from the freezer, fill with your choice of milk and then microwave in the tub. So simple and not even a bowl to wash up! Like the smoothie I added an extra scoop of whey protein to the bowl which combined with the rest of the ingredients provided a whooping 35g Protein. You could either eat it straight from the tub or like me pour into a bowl. I topped mine with a few raspberries and a sprinkle of coconut. I certainly had high expectations after the smoothie and this breakfast bowl didn’t disappoint. The combination of flavours and chunks of hazelnut and banana tasted amazing I didn’t want the bowl to end.

So in summary, I would certainly recommend them and I’m looking forward to trying the other flavours! They are perfect for those who are too busy in the mornings to make breakfast or if you just want to add some extra nutritious foods to your day. Full calorie and macros are also provided on each tub if you like to track your intake. For more information about Batch Organics, head over to their website or check out their Instagram @batchorganics

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