My Go To Protein Smoothie Recipes

So i thought i would share with you all some of my favourite smoothies. Smoothies are such a great way to get in fruit and vegetables and when combined with a protein source they provide a great balance of macros. The best thing about smoothies is you can generally just see what you have in your cupboard and throw them in there. I tend to have a few key staples which you’ll see throughout my recipes.

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Carbs…..Embrace or Avoid?

When it comes to Macros, the one Macro I’ve been confused about the most is CARBS. Do you try and cut carbs or embrace them in your diet? After reading various articles and learning through other peoples experiences on places like Instagram, I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that carbs are needed to fuel that muscle gain!!

I’ve tried to summarise what I’ve read and learnt to share with you all. I’m no dietitian or nutritionist but the information I’ve pulled together has come from those exact sources.

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