Brookies I hear you say?! Brookies are a genius combination of cookies and brownie! Two of my favourite desserts combined…. what’s not to love?! What’s even better…….each Brookie contains 11g Protein and less than 150 calories. The combination of the rich soft brownie with the soft gooey cookie I promise is one you don’t want to miss. This recipe is both dairy free and gluten free

I created this recipe for a fellow blogger Hannah who kindly asked me to do a guest recipe for her site. Click the link to go check it out on her site —–> Brookie recipe

Enjoy xx

Chocolate Protein Doughnuts

Have you ever made Protein Doughnuts? Because if you haven’t, you’ve got to give them a shot! This recipe has taken me a few goes to get right to ensure the donuts remained moist and fluffy so you guys are in for a treat…… they’re really easy to make and these protein donuts in particular are scrummy – nutty, moist, and against the dark chocolate on top? GAWWWD they’re tasty!!!!

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