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Macro split, training and progress

Macro split, training and progress

Vicky Coates

So its been a while since I’ve added a post that isn’t all about food…… thought i’d use this opportunity to update you all on where I am in my fitness journey, what my current macros split is and my style of training etc..

MACROS: My focus at the moment with my diet is being in a calorie surplus ‘bulk’. I’ve decided to do this to supplement my goal of building strength and muscle. Without being in a calorie surplus this just isn’t possible. I’ve calculated my macros using a calculator that takes into account your goals, activity level and current height and weight. For me at the moment I’m currently having around 280g Carbs, 50-60g Fat and 150g Protein. The most important thing is to keep protein consistent but carbs and fats can vary as long as you stick within your calorie target. I eat the same everyday regardless of whether Im training or not. Even on rest days your body needs the same amount of food to help your muscles recover and grow.

TRAINING: Im currently following a 5 day week training programme with the focus being on strength building. I don’t tend do any cardio during my week unless I really fancy it but i do try and keep my overall daily step count at around 8000 if possible. When i do cardio it is usually boxing or a short 10 minute circuit on the step trainer.

My training split is the following with two days rest:

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  • Day 3: Lower Body Hypertrophy
  • Day 4: “Push” Hypertrophy (shoulders, chest and triceps)
  • Day 5: “Pull” Hypertrophy (Back, biceps and a teensy bit of glutes)

PROGRESS: So i posted this progress picture on instagram recently- cleanleanbakes. The picture on the right shows my progress three months post the picture on the left. This is the progress I’ve made following the above training and macro split. The biggest progress I’ve seen has been in my glutes and legs. This has come from both eating more and training these body parts 2-3 times a week. If you have a particular body part you want to grow or make more progress with i would defiantly recommend increasing the volume you train that part per week.

If you have any questions please comment below and i’ll happily answer them. Useful resources I’ve used are podcasts, the IIFYM website to calculate my macros and the strength feed training guide website. There are so many other useful sites such as, you tube videos for workouts and fitness videos as well as watching youtubbers blog about their fitness programme etc. For me I always gain so much information and just general inspiration and motivation from watching youtubbers such as Lauren Tickner, Bethany Tomlinson, Grace Fit and Natacha Oceane… so go check them out 🙂


N.B the information i’ve posted above based on my macros and training is what works for me and my macros have been calculated to my body measurements etc. Therefore this post isn’t meant for you to try and replicate them but as a guide as to what has worked for me and hopefully gives you an initial source and the motivation to find out more.

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  • These are my macros for cutting ??? you did a great job girl! Your lower body had such a big transformation ? Love this guide and how stronger I’m feeling every day!
    Well done lovely ???

    • hehe really… I am slowly increasing carbs by about 50g per week so its going up. Thanks I really appreciate your comment!! Its great isn’t it, i can so much progress i just hope it keeps coming! lotsa love girly xx

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